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Oil and Gas





Backup system

Oil and Gas industry

Remote check of the pipelines, SCADA systems are examples of off-grid equipments in oil and gas industry that need to be in operation throughout a year.

Mission critical units that require uninterrupted power supply to avoid any production loss:

o SCADA systems

o Injection pumps

o Remote Valve and block control

o Pipeline protection

o Remote monitoring


Measuring stations

Remote measuring stations, e.g. environmental technology, need to readily monitor the conditions and transmit the important data to control centers. They require a reliable solution that can secure the power independent from the weather conditions. Moreover, such systems are located in hard-to-access regions meaning each user intervention dramatically increases the operation costs.

o Water and sea level control

o Climate information

o Seismic movements

o Environmental atmosphere (gas, radiation data)


Telecommunication units need to ensure a backup power during power failure to secure the communication systems 24/7. Moreover, a reliable power supply is required to support relay stations, radio transmitters, etc. in remote and off-grid locations.

A robust and maintenance free solution to power:

o Relay stations

o Radio transmitter

o Cellular base stations

o Low-power BTS


Surveillance systems

Mobile and stationary surveillance systems are in operation in numerous industries either to protect the border, monitor the construction sites, mining facilities or the wild nature and animals.

Silent and normally covered units that secures and monitor remote zones:

o Mining industry

o Construction sites

o Event monitoring

o Border control

o Remote control of species

Autonomous robotics

Autonomous robotics, specifically Unmanned Aerial / Ground Vehicles (UAVs / UGVs) have for many applications a need for high autonomy with a limited amount of space and limited mass budget overall. Inergio fuel cells having a high energy density, they have strong potential for robotic applications including:

o Warehouse UGVs

o Delivery ground drones

o Delivery & surveillance aerial drones

o Small ground drones for agriculture


Leisure & entertainment

We all enjoy the connect life benefiting from location based applications, sharing information and photos, and enjoy the night life. However, due to limited capacity of our electronic devices we either need to carry heavy battery backups or leave the engine working.

An eco-friendly solution that can deliver power instantly at high autonomy will help us to freely enjoy:

o Camping and caravaning

o Climbing and mountain hiking

o Long cycling

o Continously running consumers devices

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