Green Power
for today,
and tomorrow!

Unleash on-demand power with our Hybrid Fuel Cell Pack! It runs on any fuel – from propane and natural gas to hydrogen and ammonia.

Introducing INERGIO power packs


No toxic emissions. No fumes. No leaks.


10x more autonomy than Li-ion battery.


All the power without all the noise and any moving parts.

Fuel Flexible

From commercial propane to ammonia and green hydrogen.


Independent from grid and from weather conditions! No unexpected maintenance.

Ideal off-grid and backup power systems!

Based on a unique Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology!

Frequently asked questions

INERGIO has developed a ”patented technology” to miniaturise Solid Oxide Fuel Cells(SOFC).

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells are operating at high temperature typically more than 700°C which makes them challenging to be used at miniaturised scale.  

SOFCs are one of the most efficient fuel cell technologies that can operate based on any kind of fuel imaginable. This allows us to benefit from commercial fuel now, and switch to GREEN Hydrogen once the technology will be widely available in the market.  

Because we still need to address many challenges with hydrogen PRODUCTION, DISTRIBUTION and STORAGE. Today, hydrogen production is based mostly on fossil fuels and generates more than 850 tons of CO2 per year.   

INERGIO brings the same taste of using a diesel generator to you however at 2 times more efficiency, a low noise level and without any harmful emissions. On top of that, you could switch to Hydrogen without any technology adaptations.   

About us

Founded in August 2020, INERGIO Technologies SA is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Concerned by Climate Change, we build clean, lightweight and efficient power generators based on Fuel Cell technology.

The technology is based on more than 15 years of research to introduce a fuel flexible fuel cells system that could benefit from available fuels today, and could switch to future energy carriers such as green hydrogen and ammonia without any technical modifications. We are a spin-off from EPFL and HEIG-VD.

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