Reliable energy solutions

The INERGIO fuel cells are based on Solid Oxide fuel Cells (SOFCs). A fuel flexible technology that can generate electricity for all your mobile and off-grid devices.

InoPower 1.0

Output Power(W): 50-150 (modulable)

Nominal voltage (V): 12 / 24

Weight (kg): 2.5 – 3

Dimensions (cm): 25 x 25 x 18

InoPower 4.0

Output Power(W): 200-600 (modulable)

Nominal voltage (V): 24 / 48

Weight (kg): 3.5 – 7.2

Dimensions (cm): 30x 30x 18

Common product specifications

Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C

Available energy density: 2.7 kWh/liter (3.6 kWh/kg)

Fuel cell power

when you really need it


Lighter than most comparable fuel cells

x 20

Our fuel energy density compared to Li-batteries

x 2

Efficiency compared to diesel engines


INO fuel cells generate power as far as the fuel is delivered. This means the off-grid equipment are reliably fed with power independent from the operating conditions.  

Low operation cost

Conventional off-grid power solutions are highly dependent on the operating conditions requiring several number of services to provide uninterrupted power. Our solution provides the missing part to solve this issue.