The mini-fuel cell you can rely on

High autonomy, high reliability and eco-friendly power sources based on SOFC Fuel Cell technology. For your off-grid and mobile applications.

Fuel cell power

when you really need it


Lighter than most comparable fuel cells

x 20

Our fuel energy density compared to Li-batteries

x 2

Efficiency compared to diesel engines


Our fuel cells reliably generate power in remote and hard to access locations. This means that your critical equipment are reliably fed with power independently from the operating conditions.  

Low operation cost

Conventional off-grid power solutions are highly dependent on the operating conditions requiring several number of services to insure stable operations. Our solution release you from maintenance burden and provides the missing part to solve this issue for you.

Our technology allows the use of high energy density fuel at a high efficiency. Operating independently from the weather conditions and without any moving parts, noise or harmful emission. We offer you an ideal power source for off-grid and mobile applications.

A solution that works well as a stand-alone or in combination with batteries and solar panels. It can also be used as backup power.

Applications of our Fuel Cells

Our products have a large range of applications for remote areas and mobile devices

Off-grid power source for

meteorologic stations and environmental sensors

Off-grid power source for

Surveillance systems

Off-grid power source for

Telecommunication systems

Mobile power source for

For outdoor leisure & mobile homes

Off-grid power source for

Autonomous robotics


Why is our Solid Oxide Fuel Cell system unique?

We developed a patented solution  based on composite structure addressing main technical challenges such as  scalability, thermomechanical stability, system integration, and thermal packaging at very low-cost.

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